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CustomVue WaveFront™ Technology


Dr. Kim of Polaris Eye & Laser, Inc., is pleased to offer Wave-front technology, CustomVue, to our eligible patients. This technology was originally developed to sharpen the images seen by telescopes viewing distant objects in space. This same technology can now measure the imperfections in an eye's optical system and was FDA approved for use in 2003.

Wave-front technology is a sophisticated technique for measuring optical distortions or aberrations in the eye. This method calculates how light is changed as it enters and exits the eye. This calculation is then used to produce a precise three-dimensional map or "Wave-front" of the visual system of the patient's eye, including the cornea. The surgeon uses this Wave-front map to program a laser for refractive surgery. Each individual eye receives a very detailed personalized treatment designed to correct the unique imperfections in that person's vision, allowing added precision. With Wave-front guided custom laser vision correction, no two laser treatments are identical.


CustomVue Wave-front Laser


The Wave-front computer creates a three-dimensional map of the eye’s visual system.

Wave-front technology may be the only way to detect optical distortions, which may otherwise cause glare, haloes, and blurry vision. Wave-front technology can be used to perform LASIK or PRK. Following CustomVue laser vision correction, many people see significantly better than they ever saw with eyeglasses or contact lenses.


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