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General Opthalmology

At Polaris Eye & Laser, Dr. Kim provides a broad spectrum of eye care, from vision care to diagnosing and treating eye disease. A wide scope of patients with ocular problems and health concerns who range in age from pre-teens through elderly adults are seen by our office. Patients are seen for periodic medical eye exams as well as for specific visual ocular complaints. And we specialize in a variety of conditions, such as diabetes, dry eyes, cataracts, and glaucoma. Our doctors evaluate a large range of symptoms such as blurry vision, poor night vision, transient loss of vision, loss of visual field, sudden loss of vision, difficulty with near vision, eye pain, red eyes, eye fatigue, fluctuating vision, itchy eyes, crusting and discharge, excess tearing, double vision, and itching or redness of the eyelids, among others. The following are some common conditions we treat.


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