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VISX STAR S4 IR™ Active Trak Technology


VISX STAR S4 IR™ Active Trak Excimer Laser System is the latest generation of VISX technology. It incorporates many new and innovative technology features to allow a surgeon to perform laser vision correction quickly and effectively while maximizing patient safety.


Using the VISX STAR S4 IR™ Active Trak Excimer Laser System, surgeons can deliver the broadest range of wavefront-guided laser vision correction treatments to patients.


STAR S4 IR™ Active Trak


STAR S4 IR™ Excimer Laser


Benefits of using these systems:

  • Iris Registration (IR) is the first FDA-approved fully automated, non-contact method of alignment of the CustomVue treatment to the cornea. 

  • An exclusive VISX laser technology, variable spot scanning (VSS), allows a blend zone that increases the total treatment zone by over 50%. This may be very helpful in patients who have concerns about post-surgical glare and halo. 

  • The variable spot beam technology allows the beam to range in size and shape so that the delivered energy is more custom to the patient’s cornea. This conserves tissue by optimizing treatment times and minimizing thermal effects on the cornea. 

  • 3D active track allows the laser to follow the tiny motions of your eye instantaneously and automatically in all three (XYZ) dimensions. 3D active track repositions the laser to enhance accuracy and it does not require you to hold your eye still so that you can relax during the treatment. 


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